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Scripting Help Replace Field Contents

Question asked by DSco on Nov 16, 2010
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Scripting Help Replace Field Contents


Hello Folks, Quick question here.

I'm trying to write a script that checks a column field value for a row and then changes that column field value based on what it reports back and then continues to the next row. Problem is, it only checks 1 field value and then replaces everything at once.

My script says:


If [Code (a)+ Code (b) = 2]

Replace field contents [f1; f8]

End if

Go to portal row [select; next; exit after last]

End loop

(the actual details ahve been removed, because it wouldn't let me copy and paste)

So instead of checking row 1 and replaceing f1 on row 1, then checking row 2, it just checks row 1 and replaces every row. If anyone has advice for what aspect of my script is off I'd appreciate it!