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Scripting Help. Maybe a set field script would work?

Question asked by JoshGriffin on Nov 15, 2011
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Scripting Help. Maybe a set field script would work?


I'm a filemaker pro newbie. I took the invoices starter solution and have been slowly customizing it and making it my company's POS system. I have been able to muddle through most things but this one has me stumped. If you look at the started solution, you will see where you input the customer's information and then have to click the invoices tab and then select a drop down box before you can start entering in items for the customer. I'm building this for a group of computer illiterate folks so I have been trying to dumb done the processes. I have a button that already navigates to the invoices tab after the person inputs the customer's information. I want to save the step of clicking on the dropdown list and have it where when my employee presses the button it automatically enters it into that dropdown list and they can start inputting items to check out.

The easiest thing to do might be to open up the invoices starter solution and see how it all relates. This script would probably have to include a set field function but also includes a value lists and a number of tables.

Please help!