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Scripting imports

Question asked by EP on Nov 30, 2012
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Scripting imports


     Can someone assist me in writing a script to automate importing?

     I have a contacts database.  Some of these contacts are physicians.  In an electronic medical records system, these physicians appear, as well as the patients under their care.  I can export an excel file containing each physician and the first and last name of each patient under their care.  In my contacts database, I have a portal in each contact's record that lists the patients under their care....however this portal is empty until I import the data.  I want to create a button with a script attached that basically contains all of the settings for the import.  Clerical users would ONLY have to export the excel file from the electronic medical records to their desktop/a folder and then click the button on my contacts layout, which will only prompt the user to select a file to import.  All settings and match fields will be taken care of via the script without user interaction.  Is this possible?