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    Scripting issue FM12



      Scripting issue FM12


           I converted files to FM12. I have 4 component files: Main Menu, Company, Orders, Corrspondence.

           They all open independently but do not open all at once lke they did in FM6.

           I think it is a scripting issue but do not know how to fix. Using the trial version and want to make to all works before buying.

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               Why do you need them to "all at once"?

               This was often necesarry with older versions, but usually is not needed in later versions such as Filemaker 12.

               As you could have set this up Filemaker 6, a script can be specified in FileOptions that uses Open File to open each of the other files. The OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger is the same option that you had in FileMaker 6 for setting up a script to run when the file is opened.