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Scripting issue printing a form...

Question asked by heath on Jun 22, 2012
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Scripting issue printing a form...


Hello -

Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to give me.  I have set up a database that analyses field data and I have constructed a form (within a separate layout) that will print a formal report of the findings.  The user is offered a button to load the form for the current record in a new window and thus from there they can print.  I have having a couple of issues.  One, when the form loads in a new window the database window also resizes to the exact same size behind the new form window.  Subsequently when you close the form window the database window has to be re-expanded to fit the monitor.  I built this database on a Mac and moved it to an XP machine for the client.  This problem only surfaced when moving to the PC.  On the mac the script works fine!  Secondly, the form layout shows all records, not pulling up just the current record that the client wants to print a report on.  Thus, once the printing layout opens in its new window it begins at the first record and the client must click forward until they find the corresponding record.  How do I make it so just the record being viewed is displayed and how do I stop all windows from resizing, ie: the printing layout windows opens above the database without disturbing its current size.

The script I am currently using that is attached to print button within the database can be viewed in the attached screenshot!

Thanks again