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    Scripting logout/login



      Scripting logout/login


      I am trying to set up a logout button that will bring me back to a log in screen. My problem is that either I do an exit application, which shuts the program down( which I'm not looking to do) or if I use the re login, I never get taken out of the session I am already loged in for. What am I missing ? I am using FM pro 10 Advanced, and Pro Server Advanced

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             One way to handle this is to re-login into a "dummy" account (with no privileges), then offer re-login to the user.
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               The question remains of how to get the current user logged out without closing the program. My attempts leave me still logged in with a login screen pop up. I need to have Filemaker logout when the button is pressed and then offer the login screen.
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              Have a button go to a Login screen. Also have it close all other open files. This Login screen (file) has an auto-open with a "generic" account. On it there is a Login button that can re-login then go to your "live" file. 

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                   Thanks, I'll try that. I guess I missed the close all other files step. makes sense.
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                  I have the same problem...

                  I have a logout redirect to a dummy account and a replica layout with nothing clickable but a login button on the layout and read only access. Once the person clicks a login button I want it to go to the main layout ONLY if it is an active account in the solution. Else go to the replica of the main layout and back to the dummy account.


                  How does one do a check on account status for this?


                  In other words:

                  If account = account1, account2, or account3

                  Go To Layout Main


                  Go To Layout Replica


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                    You have get functions that can help you with this Get (accountname) and Get (privilegesetname) [older versions] or Get(accountPrivilegesetName) [Filemaker 11]

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                      Oh wow, and I have completely overlooked that set of functions...thanks so much! That makes perfect sense!  I honestly felt a little stupid asking that question as many complicated solutions as I have developed over the years but I just never (believe it or not) had any need to authenticate an account login before now. Thanks again... :smileyvery-happy:



                      PS - REALLY appreciate the quick response too Phil