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Scripting no No Records Found

Question asked by Frinholp on Apr 20, 2011
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Scripting no No Records Found


Hi all

In my search facility you can search, search within the subset and then perform a find within these results.

I have used Get ( FoundCount ) to determine whether any records have been found. If no records have been found, I intend to display a dialog to state as such and revert back to the last found set.

I do not want a situation where there is a zero found set in my system. 

This presents a problem where if I perform a find and then delete all the found records, I will be left with a found set of zero records. If this situation arises, I wish to display I dialog stating that there are no records present in the found set, then revert back to the previous find (if the last find was a search within a subset) or show all records if the last find was a find performed on all records.  

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance