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Scripting Portal Records

Question asked by DanPhillips on Aug 20, 2014
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Scripting Portal Records


     Hi All,

     I'm trying to get my head around a little problem that I'm sure is simple but my Googling and book reading hasn't pointed me in the right direction at all. So I'm hoping someone can help me out here who knows how to script for portals.


     The issue is I have a customer table (contracts) that has a special key for each customer in format of ABC1234. 

     I have another "lead" table that has a field for "referred by" which you would put the key of the customer who referred this lead. So all I have to do to find any lead that was referred by ABC1234 is search the lead table for referred by ABC1234. That works fine. 

     Now what I want to do is setup a portal on the contract layout so when I'm viewing ABC1234, I can see data from all the referral leads where referred by is ABC1234. Without actually having a relationship (the key is already tied to the lead table in another way) I'm finding this a bit out of my skill level to do. Does anyone know how I could write a script that will perform a find and then populate the portal with the results? 

     Thank you in advance!