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Scripting problem, repetitive fields

Question asked by BerryHoning on Jun 26, 2015
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Scripting problem, repetitive fields


I'm having a recipe file that has been made up in the old days, so with repetitive fields. Like this:

material x (repetitive, 30 field); name (repetitive, 30 fields); percentage (repetitive, 30 fields), etc.

After we made the recipe, we want to write all the separate ingredients into a log file. Therefore I made a script without loops, which is quite long. It copies each field seperately to the next file. It looks like this:

Go to layout 1

New record

Go to layout 2

Copy ingredient name

go to layout 1

paste ingredient name.

And so forth, for all the variables I want to copy and this a 30 times for each repetition. It works, it only takes a few seconds, but the script could be better. It now consists of 1114 script lines.

Can you suggest other means by doing this? I think especially about creating a value by which I can add up the repetition, and by a loop.