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scripting question

Question asked by MiriamSilverman on Jul 26, 2010
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scripting question


I am moving from MS Access to Filemaker Pro. My programming skills are negligable and I am hoping that scripting is more user friendly and I can do what I need to in Filemaker.

I write indexes for journals. The indexes have a section where each article is listed by authors. For example: an article titled Fun with Filemaker has 3 authors named Mary Smith, Jane Jones, and Happy Pappy. I would end up with 3 index entries. 1. Smith, Mary, Jones, Jane, and Pappy, Happy, Fun with Filemaker, pages 3-6; 2. Jones, Jane, Pappy, Happy, and Smith, Mary, Fun with Filemaker, pages 3-6; 3. Pappy, Happy, Smith, Mary, and Jones, Jane, Fun with Filemaker, pages 3-6. The order of authors is first the order they were entered, and then each successive entry moves first author to the end and everyone else moves up 1.

In access, because of my pathetic programming skills, I had a table with title, page range, and fields for 4 authors. Using queries and macros I made tables with formatted index entries and exported them as .txt files for import into my indexing software.

I sometimes have as many as 12 authors, and know the correct way to structure this is with a table for articles, and a related table for authors, which I have set up. My articles table includes these fields: key, title of article, page range, number of authors. My authors table includes: key, foreign key for articles table, first name, last name, suffix (Jr. for instance), and author number which increments by 1 for each author in that article. Now I need a way to format and export the data, which means for each article I have to generate as many records as there are authors, each with a different order of authors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!