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Scripting question with Go to Related Records.

Question asked by SteveMartino on Jun 20, 2012
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Scripting question with Go to Related Records.


Hello all....again. Making progress thanks to the help of this forum...specifically Phil :)

Here's the question/problem.

1.  On my customer layout, I would like to go to Related Records of Deliveries. So of course I made a button.  If there are no related records, nothing happens (as predicted).  I would like the button to run a script, when I click it, it goes to Related Records of Deliveries, if no records, it goes to the Deliveries Layout, and opens a new record, and drops the customer name in the first field.  As a beginner, I've tried writing this scipt (many ways), with the help menu and books in hand, but have had no luck.

2.  I was also wondering, if on the button to go to related records, on the customer layout, if it was possible to merge a field onto it that would show a count of related records?

Any suggestions would be fantastic.

Thanks again.....and again