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Scripting Remote Database

Question asked by flamecoder on Jun 15, 2010
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Scripting Remote Database


I built scripting using AppleScript to automatically populate a database and everything works great when I open the database on the machine. Now I need to move this database to FileMaker Server and open it on a client as a remote database and run my scripting to keep populating it. However scripting of a remote database doesn’t behave the same. Here are two examples when trying to script a remote database that you don’t get any results returned to work with. If you were to run one at a time it really shouldn’t error. FileMaker Server 11 doesn’t seem to be the trouble because I tried just sharing from FileMaker Pro 10 software with the same results.


tellapplication "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

      telldatabase "NameOfDataBase.fp7"



             set MyRequest tocreate new request --Error

             --Object not found. (-1728)


             set NewRecord tocreate new record --Error

             --Object not found. (-1728)




Does anyone have any experience in scripting remote databases? The show every record command works. What makes remote DB different?