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Scripting Save Browsed PDF + Email + Attach PDF

Question asked by TigerKim on Jan 8, 2009
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Scripting Save Browsed PDF + Email + Attach PDF


I've created a TAPE LOG/WORK ORDER database.

Having problems with the last step.


1.I've created a Button that will: SAVE browsed WORK ORDERS as a PDF. 

   But a window always opens up, asking me to name the File.

2.I've createdd a Button that will: Create an EMAIL with the ADDRESS, SUBJECT, MESSAGE already filled out.

   But this will only allow me to attach a specific file. 


How can I combine the two into one button? (i.e. Save PDF, Name PDF File, Email, Attach PDF file)


I'd appreciate any and all advice. I've read several posts and still can't get this to work.