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Scripting sub-summary sections

Question asked by mcemond on Oct 13, 2014
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Scripting sub-summary sections


Hi. I have two layouts. One is a record detail screen of sorts with a button. When clicked, it runs the following:

Enter Find Mode[]
Go to Layout["TimeCard-iPad" (timeCards)]
Set Field [timeCards::crew; Get (AccountName )]
Constrain Found Set []
Sort Records [Restore; No Dialog]
Enter Browse Mode []

Now this second layout was originally set up as a very nice looking report with headers footers and sub summary sections. The reason I am running the report is so that the user only sees the time cards associated with him or her. But in the process I am loosing all the nice aspects of the report layout. How do I either; add a similar user filter to the existing reports layout and ditch the script, or build that layout back in to the find results from the script above?

Thanks for your help!