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Scripting TAB screen with portals

Question asked by GS on Dec 2, 2008
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Scripting TAB screen with portals


I have two tabs with the same info in portals sorted differently.  It is intended to access a portal record by grabbing the student number.  Tab 1 has a portal sorted by last name, tab 2 has a portal sorted by number.  I want to write a script that detects which tab is selected so it can choose the right data when selecting the student.  My current script is:


Set Field [AIMSJ   MenuLFN::gStudentNum; AIMSJ   MenuLFN::StudentNum]

Go To Layout["Console"(AIM)]

Enter Find Mode []

Insert Calculated Result [Select; AIM::StudentNum; AIM::gStudentNum]

Perform Find []

Perform Script [GoToConsole"]


This works fine when sorted by name.