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Scripting to copy data 1 table to two table

Question asked by jla_1 on Sep 4, 2009
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Scripting to copy data 1 table to two table


I'm at the tailend of a database and now need to get data that was imported into a table (Import) and copy part of the data to one table with matching fields, and another part of the data to another table.  The tables are like this:


Table with data-



(There may be more than one record for any particular ID with only the data.jpg changing - ex. kirk,james,1001,12a,12,img1001.jpg - kirk,james,1001,12a,12,img1002.jpg as some students have more than image associated.


The tables and fields I need that copied over to (named the same)






The ID is the related field so I can display the image no's in a portal on Student Layout.


So far I was trying something like:


  • Go to Record/Request/Page[ Next; Exit after last ]
  • Loop
  • Set Variable [ $name; Value:IMPORT::Fname ]
  • Set Variable [ $lname; Value:IMPORT::Lname ]
  • Set Variable [ $id; Value:IMPORT::ID ]
  • Go to Layout [ “STUDENTS” (STUDENTS) ]
  • New Record/Request
  • Set Field [ STUDENTS::Fname; $name ]
  • Set Field [ STUDENTS::Lname; $lname ]
  • Set Field [ STUDENTS::ID; $id ]
  • Go to Layout [ “IMPORT CSV” (IMPORT CSV) ]
  • End Loop
I wasn't finished it because when I tested it's duplicating the id's causing errors, also I'm not sure how to do it so it sends the data to both tables, yet matches the id's up.