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    Scripting to Play DVDs from Media Database



      Scripting to Play DVDs from Media Database


      I wonder if someone could point us in the right direction.  We are novices at this.

      I have an AppleScript to open DVDs from within our database of DVD folders (not DVDs) with their Video TS files.  It works great! We wanted FileMaker to open a different DVD for each record (of course) but we realized that if we make this a button which activates this script below in layout mode, it always opens the same script.  

      How do we either:

      1-set a variable so that a specific field can insert the name of the DVD file we want opened (this sounds hard, but it’s probably the right way)


      2-enter a different script in each record the way you would enter a different picture.

      Here is our AppleScript.  It’s a bit quirky with two quit commands, but it worked better that way.

      tell application "DVD Player"
      end tell

      tell application "DVD Player"
      open dvd video folder alias "NAMEOFHARDDRIVE:NAMEOFDVDFOLDER:VIDEO_TS:"
          set viewer full screen to false
          set title to 1
          set chapter to 1
          play dvd    
      end tell

      Thanks so very much if you can help!