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Scripting to Print Records Being Browsed then Reset to Print Current Record

Question asked by dont88_1 on Mar 23, 2009
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Scripting to Print Records Being Browsed then Reset to Print Current Record


I'm setting up a program for others in our office to use and trying to keep it as idiot proof as possible through the use of scripts. They will be using Windows FMP10 runtime versions. They will normally be creating and printing single records, but on occasion they will be printing a list of several selected records. The main problem they have had in the past is remembering to switch the print setting between Print Current Record and Print Records Being Browsed, depending on the the document they are printing.


The core question is: is there any way to set or retain in a script a Print without dialog, the Print (Current Record) or (Records Being Browsed) setting without actually printing?


I've created a script to automatically go the "list" layout and to print without the print dialog, "Print Records Being Browsed" then return to the originating layout. This part works great, but it leaves the "print" dialog set to "Print Records Being Browsed" where I want it to revert back to "Print Current Record". I can't seem to find a way to change this setting without inserting another Print (without dialog) and presetting it to print only the current record. This would work, but it actually has to print that single record to retain that setting. I've also tried to run a script line that would print to the Current Record, but to a range greater that page 1. This works and doesn't print the record, but retains the print range in the print dialog for subsequent printing sessions.


I can create a print script for the single Letter (print current record), but it can't be without going through the print dialog because they sometimes print to paper and other times print to a PDF printer.