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    Scripting With Time



      Scripting With Time


      Has anyone made any scripts based on time?

      I'm needing a script to run a report at the end of the day for me.

      I'm wondering if it's possible to tell Filemaker at 5pm every day to run a script for me?

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          If you have FileMaker Server, you can schedule a script to run as a server schedule at a specific time of day. Not every script step is compatible with Server Schedules and some listed as "compatible" have significant limitations, but this can be a very easy way to set this up.

          In Windows Systems, You can use Windows Task Manager to open a FileMaker file at a specific time. If you set up this file with a script that runs automatically when the file is opened, this script can use Perform Script to run the script you want to run at 5 pm.

          You may be able to setup Install OnTimer to run your script. You can run a script when your file opens or when you simply run this script for the first time that uses this step and the current time to compute an interval for the script to run that runs the script at 5Pm. The last step of your script can use Install Ontimer to reset it for 5pm the following day if your file and the window you had open and selected remains open 24/7.

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                 hey i am trying to figure this out to.

                 i am FMP 12 and have a script trigger run a script searching for POs that cancel "this" week.  the challenge here is that it always goes to the last record instead of the last record visited. 

                 is there a way to make the script run once a day or to make it return back to the last record visisted insrtead of the last one in the database?