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Scriptmaster Pitfall?

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Jun 12, 2014


Scriptmaster Pitfall?


     Scriptmaster may have a serious pitfall. Almost all other plugins have the stuff hardwired and you pay to use it. By making their product 'free' they force the user to select the steps to be included in their working version. If those steps are not selected, a script calling for those steps will fail.

     I assume these selections are then patched into the plug in itself although they could be stored as preferences in an external file.

     My test indicates that if you have a new computer or else have removed the ScriptMaster plugin manual or by deleting the Filemaker App folder, a new ScriptMaster pluging will NOT have your selections. 

     I believe this is causing a client's Solution to fail when importing photographs as the clients are not getting the plugin with the selections. Or, the developer's plugin (paid for) has gone missing.

     I'll know later if this client decides to pay me to sort out their problem. But, my tests on my computer seem to indicate that removing the established free plugin and replacing it with a newly extracted copy leaves the select steps missing and any script that used them busted.

     If my analysis is correct, ScriptMaster is a problem waiting to happen if the free version is being used.

     Am I right or wrong?

     If I am right, then the only good solution is to create a plugin that has every option checked making it just like all other plugin.