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    ScriptMaster Question



      ScriptMaster Question


      I downloaded and installed (the free version of) ScriptMaster from 360 into FMP 12.

      When looking at the "External Functions", however, I don't see most of the ones (I would want to actually use) listed on their site.

      Is there a trick to see the other functions or are they only available in the $95/yr. version?



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          I was trying to solve this myself last night. Your options appear to be to buy a licence to make a custom plugin containing the functions you want OR loading the scriptmaster database from inside your own database. Either way, first load the scriptmaster database (the .fm7 file) and choose the functions you want enabled from the layout that lists them. That's a one off setup. I found that opening and then immediately closing the scriptmaster file from my launch script was sufficient to load the functions I need, and thus avoid needing a licence and a plugin. Anyone with more experience have a better solution? Good luck.