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Question asked by ShelleyM on Sep 5, 2012
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Hi, I'm using FM Pro v.11.  I would like to add a script to a layout that I have.  The layout has multiple records displayed with several fields in each record, it looks like a list.  When a new record is added I would like the list to sort based on the record's unique ID (it is an auto create ID) and scroll the window to the top so the new record is at the top of my window.  I have tried the sort records script, by ID in ascending order which does work however the window is always at the bottom of the screen with record 1.  I then added the scroll window script using each option (home, end, page up, etc.) and I still end up at the bottom of the screen with record 1.

To complicate matters, the records are being created in another application via MySQL.  When I deal with the record in FileMaker, I first refresh the window to get the record to show up.  This is when I'd like the script to run so I can see my newly added record at the top of my screen.

I appreciate any help with this!