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Question asked by DavidFreeman on Aug 11, 2013
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     Hi I am kind of a novice that has spent some time on and learning on my own, so if that tells you anything LOL

     I am working on a personal gradebook that I can use on my iPad that I am creating on my own.  My previous gradebook worked pretty well, but was a flat database.  What I am trying to do is work with different tables so that different aspects of the program.  What I can do is import the various student information from our online school program into my database.  What I want to be able to do is to have records created in the other tables with the students name and period.

     So to try and make sense of what I am doing is

     Table - Student Information -  that contains all the information like phone numbers parents name and so on

     Table - Attendance - is a list of each student name and the class period that I have them in class.

     Table - Fitness Testing - Students name and period that contains all of their fitness testing scores and grade

     and so on...

     So how can I configure my database so that when I import all the information in the first table, how can I set it up so that it also creates a new record in the other tables inputing the students name in the name fields of the other tables.

     Thank you for your time and help if able.