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    Scripts Question



      Scripts Question


      I have a field where I ask


      Are you taking a cruise -  Answer is radio button Yes/No


      What I want to do is that if the answer is Yes


      Then the next two fields to display are


      CruiseLine (Drop down Value List)

      Ship (Drop down Value list showing values from cruiseline only)


      If the answer to taking a cruise is "NO" then the two above fields should not display as they are not applicable


      Can FM Pro 10 do this?


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          If you create a tab control with two panels, you can use a script that has go to object []. So the default tab panel should probably be blank. The second can have those two fields. You can make the tab "invisible" by playing with the lines and colors, such as using 0 point line width, etc.


          Noe you can either put a button on the radio to call your script, or you can use the new script triggers to run the script when the value is changed.

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            BTW, another option is an older technique but still great.


             Visibility Trick

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              Thank you


              Both of your solutions seems to work, however I am still puzzled by the Visibility database - It works but I cannot figure out how to do it

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                   The key is the 1 row portal. The fields that are contained within that portal disappear when the relationship is invalid, IOW when there are no matching child records.
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                  Hi Dinora


                  Try the following approach:


                  In layout mode go to Menu – Layouts – Duplicate Layout

                  In Layout Setup rename your copy of the layout to, let’s say, NoCruise

                  Remove the 2 referred fields and names from NoCruise Layout


                  Now create a script “Choose Cruise Layout” similar to next one:


                                                 If [ Your_question_field = “No”]

                                                    Go to Layout [NoCruise]

                                                    Go to field [ Your_NextField]


                                                    Go to Layout [ Your_Other_Layout]

                                                    Go to Field [Your_Other_NextField]



                  In both layouts, one at a time, select your question field, then MENU – FORMAT – SCRIPT TRIGERS and in the dialog box select OnObjectExit and assign your NoCruise script.


                  This may solve your visibility issue.


                  Best regards



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                       Why duplicate the entire layout for two fields? Its horrible from a maintenence perspective....
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                      Don't forget that you can use conditional formatting to hide objects on FMP 10. Just set background fill and text colors to match the background of your layout.


                      You can also assign script triggers that use "on Object enter" to move the cursor to a different field in the tab order.


                      Thus, you can hide the objects from view and keep them from entering the field with a script trigger by moving them to the next field in the tab order.