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Scripts to create invoices or other record.

Question asked by joemang1969 on May 16, 2013


Scripts to create invoices or other record.


     This image is form my art inventory or product catalogue.

     I would like to activate the buttons labled sell, trade, loan, Gift, cosign, proposal, and information to perform different tasks with the current record.


     Sell- I need this button to create an invoice where I can add the collector and complete the line items with other artworks if possible. I would also like the status to be changed to sold and the radio button to reflect that status as well.


     Each of the other buttons would be set up in a similar way where the corresponding staus is marked for each individual record. 


     The purpose is to track 100's or different artworks and the status of each so that artworks can be retrieved if not sold after being cosigned for a time etc.. and that a trail of provenence is created for each print or original artwork and status can be determined at a glace..

     If anyone has suggestions or different approaches I welcome ideas of all kinds.

     Thank you for your time..