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Scripts, reports

Question asked by MarciaMorrison on Jun 12, 2013
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Scripts, reports & summary fields


     Dear Collective Wisdom,

     I've just started studying how to put together scripts, in order to produce some household budget reports. 

     I've got a database of house expenses. I created a script that 1) enters Find mode, 2) goes to the correct field (Expenses::Category), 3) performs the Find of all records where Category is Food and year is 2013, then 4) sorts the records by date. So far, so good. 

     Now I've created a test Layout for a report and added just one field, a previously created Summary field titled "Food total". 

     The puzzle for me is why, when I switch to Browse or Preview mode, I get the total... repeated as many times as there are records in the found set. 

     What am I missing here? I want the sum of the amounts in the found set to show only once. Why is it doing this?

     Thanks in advance for any assistance,