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    Scrolable field that includes fields



      Scrolable field that includes fields


      I have a lot of fileds in a single layout and was wonderig if it would be possible to get all of these fileds included on a scrolable page. How do I do this?




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          There are a number of things in FileMaker Pro that can scroll:


          Records in list view

          Records in table view

          Portals (by row)

          Fields (individual) 


          I think the only option here is to be in list view scrolling a single record. You can have certain data fixed by being in the header or footer parts and the fields in the body part will be scrollable.


          The only thing is that you need to control record navigation so that the user only sees one record at a time. could be tricky and it is a workaround. Probably best to say "no, FileMaker Pro doesn't do that".