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      I have a field of text. There are 500 pages in this document. I need to scroll to different sections, cut and paste information into another field. When I exit the document field, the document returns to the beginning. How can I lock the scrollbar to the last position I left it in. Is this possible. I installed the scrollbar using the Inspector. Thanks for any help.


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          Not that I know of. There is a script step, Set Selection, that says this in FileMaker help: "Data selected out of visual range is scrolled into view" and there are get function parameters:  Get(ActiveSelectionSize) and Get(ActiveSelectionStart

          So you might be able to script something that kicks in when you enter and exit the field that scrolls to a specific point when you enter it again, but I seem to remember trying this with another forum poster without much success...

          It might be simpler to save your 500 pages of text to Word or some other word processing application installed on your computer. Then you can insert the file by reference into a container field. Then you can open the file in the word processor by double clicking the field where upon you can copy and paste text from your document in the word processor window and the fields in your FileMaker layout.

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            Thanks... I will see what I can do with it. I am trying to keep it all within Filemaker, but it really wouldn't matter if I had to use the Word Processor. I managed to highlight the multiple words and I don't want to lose this capability. Thanks for your input.


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              You might even be able to do both, but it runs the risk of discrepancies in your document.

              You caould have both a text field and the container field. After editing the Word document, you'd either select all text and copy/paste it back into your text field or you'd save a text format copy of your file and then import the text file back into FileMaker. The discrepancy risk kicks in when you edit the document in Word and then forget to update the text field to match.