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    Scroll bar / Browse Mode Off



      Scroll bar / Browse Mode Off




      I'm running the FMP 11 Trial on Mac OS X 10.6.3 and I'm loving it.


      However, there's something that is not working. I've searched the forums, but couldn't solve this:


      1. Have a text field with lots of data in it, split in several lines (something like a biography of someone)

      2. Create a simple layout, in form view

      3. Drag this field to the form (or a field control), both in edit mode with a size smaller than the text

      4. Select "Include Vertical Scroll Bar"

      5. Set borders

      6. Go to browse mode


      It displays nicely, with the scrollbar working perfectly. However, go back to layout mode, select the field and turn "Data->Behavior->Browse Mode" OFF. Them get back to browse view and the scrollbar doesn't show anymore.

      I've tried a merge field, but without success either.


      Is it possible to show a field in browse mode, with a scrollbar, but editing disabled?


      Thank you.


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          Create a new field ( calculation type, result text ) with calc:




          Now place this new field ( set its scroll bar ) into the layout that you wish to show to the user.

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            Thank you very much. But it doesn't work either. =\


            I've tried both Field and Field Control, and the scrollbar shows but doesn't work, unless the "Browse Mode" is checked.

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              This method does work and Daniele describes.


              Here's the step by step:

              Open Manage | Database | Fields


              In the same table as your text field, define a new field. Let's call it cText.

              Define it as a calculation field and place the fieldname of your text field in the specify calculation dialog and select "Text" as the calculation's return type.

              Now return to your layout and double click it to bring up a dialog that lists the fields for your layout's table. Change the specified field from the text field to cText.

              Now change the field's behavior back to allow entry in browse mode and make sure that the scroll bar is still selected for your field. (Field borders must be visible.)


              Now, in browse mode you can click into the field and scroll its scroll bar, but you will be unable to modify the field as the field placed on the layout is a calculation.

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                +1 for me. Great stuff gentlemen, I ran into this problem and this is the perfect solution for it. I don't get the original FMP idea why the product is made this way, but I've got a workaround now. Thank you all!

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                  Hm, I guess I was a little too fast. Seems that this works ok to work on the iMac - although you have to select the field to activate the scroll function. I design my database on the Mac, but I like to use it on stage on the iPad for e.g. lyrics. These lyrics can get lenghty so therefor I need to scroll. Again, therefor I need to tick the Lyrics field, then the virtual keyboard shows up, then the text scrolls automatically to the end of the text in that field.

                  What I would prefer is that I can instantly scroll the text, without ticking it first, and that the virtual keyboard won't show up. Would y'all think this is possible? Many thanks!!