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Scroll bar / Browse Mode Off

Question asked by ewarning on May 7, 2010
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Scroll bar / Browse Mode Off




I'm running the FMP 11 Trial on Mac OS X 10.6.3 and I'm loving it.


However, there's something that is not working. I've searched the forums, but couldn't solve this:


1. Have a text field with lots of data in it, split in several lines (something like a biography of someone)

2. Create a simple layout, in form view

3. Drag this field to the form (or a field control), both in edit mode with a size smaller than the text

4. Select "Include Vertical Scroll Bar"

5. Set borders

6. Go to browse mode


It displays nicely, with the scrollbar working perfectly. However, go back to layout mode, select the field and turn "Data->Behavior->Browse Mode" OFF. Them get back to browse view and the scrollbar doesn't show anymore.

I've tried a merge field, but without success either.


Is it possible to show a field in browse mode, with a scrollbar, but editing disabled?


Thank you.