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    Scroll Bar in Text Field



      Scroll Bar in Text Field


      I wanted to see if anyone had scripting for a problem I am trying to solve. 


      I have a text box field that a registration form is pasted into. I have the scroll bar setup in the text box. However, right now if I click in the box and scroll down through the text to find information I want and then click out of the text box the scroll bar goes back to the top of the box. I want it to stay where I last left the scroll bar so I can read the information I was looking for without having to keep going back into the text box and scrolling back down. Anyone know the solution to this? 

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             If you open a new window, you can work on it while continuing to see the information into the other.
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               Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I know that my boss wouldn't want to do that, I figured with all the scripting flexibility in FMP maybe it could be done. And felt someone else out there may have wanted the same solution as well and figured it out... Thanks for trying :)
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              Hi KAsinger,

              I looking for the exact same functionality that you discribed. I have a calculation field used as a preview field of combined field values. I would like to scroll to see certain areas of this field while entering data into another field. Since our solution is deployed on the web opening a second window is not an option for us either.

              I wish FM had a setting to not reset the scroll bar on a field.  Would you being willing to share or point me in the right direction to add this functionality.