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Scrolling and tabs...

Question asked by icecreamboy on Apr 13, 2010
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Scrolling and tabs...


Hi, I have two questions :)


1) Right now the scroll wheel only scrolls between found records, but I want it to scroll up and down the layout (move the vertical scroll bar). Is there any way to change this?

2) Is there a script command to "move to tab#1" in a tab control box? Just some context: I have a "Find" button with a script:


If [Get (WindowMode) = 0]

   Enter Find Mode []


   Enter Browse Mode []

End If


However my layout has tabs. The first tab includes fields for "first name" and "last name" which are probably the only fields I intend to use the "find" function on. But if I'm on a different tab and I press the "Find" button, it stays on that tab. I understand I can just click on the first tab, but is there something I can put right before "Enter Find Mode []" in the script that automatically goes to Tab#1?


Thanks for your help!