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Scrolling very slow after sort with CF'd fields

Question asked by Marc_2 on May 18, 2013


Scrolling very slow after sort with CF'd fields



     I have a layout ( a few, actually) with about 12 (visible) fields (there are about 150 fields in the table). Eight of the fields have a Conditional formatting formula of

     Self = GetNthRecord ( Self ; Get ( RecordNumber )-1 )    \\ -- if record is the same as above: gray out 

     Whenever I sort records, scrolling down the page takes a loooong time (and gives me a spinning beachball cursor while it pauses). Also, just clicking on a record takes about 6 seconds to register.

     If the records are Unsorted, there is no slowdown, and if I remove the CF then Sort, there is, also, no slowdown, so I've identified the problem exists with CF and Sort, but the entire point of the layout is to sort records via one (or more) field(s) and view the data with the CF.

     Any ideas about fixes or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.



     Using FMP Adv 12, Mac