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SEARCH - from one table to another

Question asked by dansan500 on Apr 27, 2011
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SEARCH - from one table to another


I'm going to a report layout in a table called - Part Number Generator

There is only ONE record for each part# in this table

Some of the fields in that report are in another table called - Storeroom

there are multiple records containing the same part# in the Storeroom table.

the relationship in this table is part#, condition code

The search I want is to find a single part# (no duplicates) with an ON-Hand qty and the parameters below

This is the script I use, it does not work

Go to Layout ["InvnetoryReport041111"(Part Number Generator)]

Enter Find mode[]

Set Field [Storeroom PRT#GEN_ItemCC::Ebay Listed; "Y"] <Ebay Listed field looks for only Y

Set Field [Storeroom PRT#GEN_Item_CC::OH_QTY Part_CC display; ">0"] <On Hand QTY is greater than 0

Set Field [Storeroom PRT#GEN_Item_CC::part#; "*"] < must have a part number in the part# field

Set Field [Storeroom PRT#GEN_Item_CC::Ebay Key; "*"] <must have  Ebay Key field populated

Perform Find []

Go to Layout [original layout]

Can you advise?