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    search and create new record



      search and create new record


      Newbie, using v10, I have a table with donations, and I have a table for members.  I have a relationship with the member id field.  I am trying to use a donation layout for the members.  There can be more than one record for donation for the members.  I am trying to create a script, from a menu to go to the donation layout and find a member with their name on this layout and enter a new record of donation.  Right now I get to the layout, and I can find the name for the records already in the donation, but it dosen't create a new record or does it find members with no donation record to populate it.  The Script goes to find mode, perform find and enter browse mode.

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          The simplest approach would be to place a portal to donations on your members layout. If the relationship has "allow creation of records via this relationship" enabled for donations, adding a new donation record is a simple as entering data into the bottom row of this portal.

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            I would suggest that you control new record creation (remove that option using custom menu and restrict privileges in your Security Settings).  Then you create a value list of all customers (based upon values from field of CustomerID and all values).  Also display their name as second field.

            Add a global text field in any table and place it whereever you want Users to select the customer name.  Attach your value list to this global text and specify Pop-up Menu (important it is pop-up and not drop-down).  I don't know your version so I'll keep this generic and you can use variables, script triggers etc. to enhance the experience.  Selection from pop-up will insert the selected CustomerID into the global field.

            Place button next to global field to run the 'new record'.  Script might be:

            If [ IsEmpty ( global ) ]

            Show Custom Dialog [ "No customer selected.  Try again." ]

            Halt Script

            End If

            Go To Layout [ "Donations Detail" ; based upon Donations table occurrence ]

            New Record/Request

            Set Field [ Donations::CustomerID ; global ]

            Go To Field [ whatever ... to begin completing the transaction for that customer ]


            • Now, if you are on a customer layout looking at the customer you want, just attach a script parameter to a 'New Transaction' button.  Change the above line in blue to:  Set Field [ Donations::CustomerID ; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ] and just skip the portion in grey completely.
            • Or you can just use script variable to capture the current customer's ID.  Replace the grey with: Set Variable [ $custID ; Customers::CustomerID ] and then change the Set Field [] to: Set Field [ Donations::CustomerID ; $custID ]

            There are many variations.  But if you want to be in Donations and let the User select different customers, use global and put the global and button in Transactions.


            If you do not wish to have such tight control, just let the User create a new Transaction record via menu or shortcut.  Then when they select the Customer, attach that pop-up with the value list directly to the customerID field in Transactions.