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Search box lag

Question asked by EP on Mar 5, 2013
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Search box lag


     I have a global field that allows users to type in search criteria.  This searches a portal just below the global field using a cartesian relationship and filtering: IsEmpty ( OfficeCases::gSearchField2) or PatternCount ( Contacts::Contact Name ; OfficeCases::gSearchField2).  This works perfectly on my Mac.  The problem I am having is that a windows user apporached me today to inform me that something was wrong with the solution; apparently, whena windows user types into the search box, there is a terrible lag, and when a portal record is clicked on, the pop up window shows up blank until the record loads.....and FMP freezes for a few seconds.  I thought it was a server issue, so I pulled the file down and experienced the same exact symptoms locally on a different window computer.  To satisfy my curiousity, I tried the same file on a mac and there is absolutely no problem.  I have about 4 of these search fields throughout the database, and this is the only one that gives trouble.  Any ideas?