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    Search Box Popover



      Search Box Popover


           Hello, I'm trying to find out if it's possible to have a global search box that is actually a popover...

           I have a database that has many different tables such as; customers, invoices, estimates, etc.

           I would like a search box that pops up and as you type(i already know how to get this to work but it may be different for this.?.?) it searches the tables that I set which will be the 3 above and more and ideally returns results listed in sub-categories...

           Soo... When I start typing a search for Kim Jones this is what will pop up;'


           Kim Jones
           Kim Connelly
           John Kimmel

           Kim Jones

           Kim Jones
           John Kimmel

           Obviously clicking each name will take you to the corresponding item wether it's a customer, invoice, or estimate



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               Since you already know how to do this, I don't see what help we can provide here. The only new factor is using the popover.

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                 What I want is a search box that when entered(by tapping on iPad) opens a popover(which is below the search box, not to the side). Then while you type into the search box an instant search is performed and displays the results in the popover, organized as described in first post.

                 Thanks for the help!

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                   Is the search box inside the popover or outside of it?

                   What I read here is that you want a search field with a portal below it located inside a popover. That will work the same as it does when not placed in the popover as long as you do not locate the popover button inside of a portal.

                   If you place the search field outside of the popover, you will have trouble because entering data into the search field will close the popover.

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                     That's what I want...

                     How do I get the search results to show in the portal?

                     Can I not script it to "re-open" the popover as soon as I type a letter? So that the naked eye cannot detect that it ever closed?

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                       Very similar to the search on the top right of a Mac computer except I want the search box visible at all times. As you type into the search box results show in a "popover" style box. The search box will be outside of the popover and always available to see and enter text into. As soon as you enter into the search box the popover should appear with relevant  results

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                         I suppose that it might be possible, but it seems a needless complication to your design when you can simply keep the search field in the frame of the popover. The script step to open a popover is the same as the one to open a tab control to a specific panel: Go to Object. Select the Frame--not the popover button and give it an object name, then your refresh script can include that step to re-open the popover.

                         Will that be invisible to the user? Especially with the slower CPU speeds of an iOS device?

                         Can Freeze Window make a difference? I don't know, but you are welcome to experiment and find out.

                         For those interested in search portal that updates with each keystroke see this demo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0pm1gdqcfi2ndpv/EnhancedValueSelection.fp7

                         Since this file was created in the older file format, those using FileMaker 12 and newer must use Open from FileMaker's File menu to open this file. That produces a second copy of this file converted to the newer file format.