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Search by age range

Question asked by daveealex on Jan 27, 2010
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Search by age range


I have read some of the post about this, and none are what i need. The new request feature does not work to get all the records with ages between 20 and 30. It only gives me the people who are 20 and the people who are 30. When I search i need to find all records with ages between 20 and 30(for example). It could be 26 to 31. It needs to vary. I tried to follow the guide on searching between 2 dates and when i use the calculation it gives me an error. Yes i did change the info to match my database. So I gave up and now I am asking for help. My table name is adl and my age field is adlAge(the age is calculated from the dob). I hope someone has a simple calculation for this. Thank you