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search by data in a given field box

Question asked by VietLuu on Jan 21, 2013
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search by data in a given field box


     I'd like to make a script which will create a pop out window to another layout.  The trick I'm finding is that the record I want to have displayed is a particular value which is displyed in a portal in my currant layout.  Here's the breakdown:

     "Shot Record" Layout from "Shot Record" Table has a portal to a "Notes" Layout from a "Notes" table.  Each record in the Shot Record layout is sorted by "Shot Number".  The info in the portal is sorted linking the shot number in each layout and displays all the different filenames associated with that shot number.  I have several different filename records displayed in the protal per shot number record.  I have another layout "WIP" which has all the quicktimes of each filename.  I'd like to have a button next to the filename portal record that will open a WIP layout whcih has is linked to that filename.  

     The closest I've come is having something open a WIP layout with all the filenames associated with that Record Number b/c that's how the Shot Record table is associated with the Notes table.  

     Is it possible to have a script which I can set to the filename in the portal which opens a window in the WIP layout and searches for the filename using the contents of that given filename field?

     Any other suggestions?