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search by last name within a field

Question asked by JoshPoplawski on Jun 19, 2012
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search by last name within a field



I know this is fairly straight forward but I can’t figure it out or find a tutorial online.


I have a table of 400+ employees (First name, Last name, ID#, Position, etc). I have another table set up for scheduling. To enter someone into the schedule you need to enter their ID#. However my clients don’t want to have to enter in the persons ID#, they want to begin typing the persons last name in the last name field and have a drop down list that narrows down who it could be based on what’s typed in the box, and then be able to select the appropriate option provided.


Fore example, I type “A” in the Last name field the drop down list would appear under the Last name field with: “Adams”, “Archer”, “Ashelton” and the user would then click “Archer” and that would enter their ID# into the scheduling box.


Obviously ID# is the primary key connecting the Employee table to a large number of other tables in the staffing database.


If some one could direct me toward a video tutorial or any tutorial on how to set this up I would really appreciate it. Thanks J