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Search column records

Question asked by JosahMower on May 11, 2012
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Search column records


I have a field that users enter a number that was given to them and would like a script to search the column in the record for an existing number. If the number does not exist the record is commited and the field is locked or can not be edited. I dont want this number to be changed at all. If the record does exist then it sends the user to the record in the layout. Forcing users to use the same records. This number is not the index. I have a separate index for the table.

I am not looking to use the unique option inside field options. I was having errors when using it. Plus I would like to redirct the user to the record if it exist.

For locking the field after it is entered and verified, will I need to create another layout that have the field with out browse mode enabled.