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Search dilemma

Question asked by escargot on Apr 29, 2009
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Search dilemma


Hi all,


I'm fairly new to FM so please bear with me.


Basically, I've set up a small 4 table database for my company. The tables are 'Candidate', 'Client', 'Jobs', & 'Staff'. The tables are all related to the staff table through the 'initials' field. (IE, when someone adds a new client, they select their initials from the list & the client becomes 'theirs'. The same is true for candidate & jobs).


What I'm trying to achieve is a script that enables me to go into the staff layout, select the appropriate member of staff and off their personal record page, run a search that displays (in a formatted results page) all candidates, clients & jobs they've added to the database between a set of dates.


However, whilst having a basic knowledge of SQL (specifically mySQL/PHP etc), I'm struggling with FM. Any idea where to begin?


For your info, I'm using FM 10 Pro.


Thanks for your help.