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Search displays newest records only

Question asked by JessicaFiorini on Jul 5, 2012
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Search displays newest records only


I have setup a layout that is for a specific search needed by our editors. I fire a script trigger that switches to find mode whenever the layout is entered. Then, the user clicks through a bunch of drop downs to setup the desired search. They then hit a button that runs a script that performs the find and switches to a search results list layout. For example, one of the searches can be the manuscript status of all manuscripts with a lesson progression id (LPID) of 4. As I have a lesson history table, the search result will include all the LPID 4's ever logged instead of the newest and most pertinent record. Is there a way to only show the newest record?


Also, when I search LPID 4, I may end up with LPID 144. I usually use operators to make an exact match. Is there a way to auto-populate the search fields with the "exact" operator?