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    Search doesn't work in Portal



      Search doesn't work in Portal


      I am able to search my tables successfully in their own layouts, but when I add a portal and bring in fields from one table onto a layout for another table, the search in the portal fields no longer works. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you - Bill

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          Can you be more specific then "...no longer works?

          Are you sure each field in the portal allows entry in Find Mode?

          Are you searching by script or entering find mode, typing a find request into the field, etc?

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            A common source of confusion is that performing a find never finds portal records. It finds layout records. When you perform a find and specify criteria in a portal field, you tell FilMaker to "find all records in the layout's table with at least one portal record matching this criteria. Then, when the found set is produced, each portal displays all related records, not just those that match the criteria. 

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              To provide a bit more info - I have two tables in the database: 1 is for voter names/addresses; 2 is for election district, ward, town and county. The tables are related properly, in that I see the corresponding info from table 2 in the right record for table 1. If I search using the "find" button (no scripts) for name or address, it returns only records that match the search term, and shows the related table 2 info in the portal. If I search by a field in the portal for a county (for example) it returns tons of records, some that match the search field, others that clearly don't. The found records correlate correctly with Table 1, and there aren't any error messages. If I perform the same search in a layout of just table 2, the results work perfectly.  Thank you for your help.

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                It doesn't sound like your relationship is set up correctly. Otherwise, you would not get those results.

                Something is definitely odd in what you describe. A portal is normally used to show multiple related records from the child table on a layout based on the parent table.

                Thus, it would make sense to set up a layout based on Table 2, election district and used it to list all related voter records from table 1. But you describe the exact opposite. How many rows are defined in your portal? Is there a scroll bar so that you can inspect all the portal's records, not just those that are visible in the first row or rows of the portal?

                What match field(s) have you set up to define this relationship?

                I suspect that you have a one row portal to table 2 such that the relationship looks correct, but that if you checked you'd find additional records in your portal if you had a scroll bar or more portal rows and thus the records that are being found that should not be found have a matching portal record that is not visible in your portal but which would be found if you could look at all related records in the portal.