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Search engine multiple fields

Question asked by JorgeFernandez on Oct 5, 2012
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Search engine multiple fields


     Hi there!!

     I´m still working on different search layouts.

     Lets think we have a "names table" with 3 fields: Id, Name and Last Name

     Created a new layout to search using a new "global table" with 3 search global fields: globalId, globalname, globallast

     Created a relationships like this: Id=globalId, Name=globalname and Last Name=globallast

     Then created a new relationship with "names table2" to create: IdXglobalId

     By using the 3 fields on "global table" and working on a search layout, I used the fields with drop-box and auto-complete with value list based on Id, Name and Last Name. Then I created a portal based on "names table2" to show all records.

     Now, I really don´t know how to create a script for every field on the search-drop box fields, to show only matched records in the portal, i.e. on field globallast you write "Smith", and the portal shows only "smith joseph", "smith anne", "smith jack"... So I can click on the preferred record to return to the original layout.

     And also, being able to set globalname: Anne, globallast: Smith, and the portal shows 2 records: 3.Anne.Smith and 147.Anne.Smith

     As always, thanks for reading and for your help.