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    Search field in browser mode



      Search field in browser mode


      Hi everyone!

      I would really like to have a field like "quick find" inside a browser layout mode.. Is there any kind of solution for that?   What is everyone doing in this case?

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          Do you mean you want to a field where you start typing "yui"... and it will show a portal listing beside it with all the names (for example) that start with 'Yui..'?  And as you type more letters it reduces the listing?

          You can do that by making the 'search' field a global field which is used as the key field to relate to the table you want to search.

          A simple script runs 'Commit Record' every time the global field is modified, and updates the portal listing.

          You can do whatever you like with the found set of matching records that progressively show in the portal - click one to see it in detail, or go and see all of them in their original table, for example.

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            You can also do much the same in a regular List view, also using a global, by attaching a Find script (using that global) to a script trigger (on the global, in Layout mode). It can run OnModify, so it fires every time you type a character. It runs from Browse mode. Its main use would be for Finds that need to run on multiple fields at once (making it easier than regular Find mode).

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              Hey  guys.  Thanks for your reply.  Thats what I thought but for some  reason, I can not type into the field at all, so I thought I was doing  something wrong.... well maybe I am , haha, but here is what I have..

              I have a layout (from User table) and portal that shows all the records related to the user (ex. favorite foods).
              I created a table with global field called "xfavoritefood" and related to the "food" in the portal table.
              Then I created a field on the layout (xfavoritefood).

              Now when I try to type in, Filemaker asks me "Before typing, press  Tab or click in a field, or choose the New Record menu command."

              I am a bit lost....

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                Have you set the field to not be accessible in Browse?  Which version of FM are you using?

                "I created a table with global field called "xfavoritefood" " How many tables do you have?  This (new) one, plus the User Table, and another one, 'Food', maybe?

                In this new table you created, have you created a record to hold your global field?

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                  I am using Filemaker 11 advanced.

                  In my inspector, here is what I have for the behavior. 


                  As far as the table goes, I have a lot, but for in this case I have 3 tables that are directly involved in the layout.
                  Here is how I have it flow..
                  When user logs in with their password, I have a login script that filters all the records depending on the logged in user so that he or she can not look at other user's records.
                  The layout that the user is looking at is from User table with portal showing the records from "favorite foods" filtering all the non-user-related records.  So the portal is only showing the related records to the user.
                  I have a table called xFilter which has a global field called xfavoritefood. This field has a relationship with the "favorite foods" field in "favorite foods" table.

                  I then put a text field in the layout xFilter::xfavoritefood.
                  I made sure that there is at least one record in the xFilter table to hold the global records. 

                  I hope I am clear on my explanation...

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                    I don't mean to be nit-picking, but you refer to the "table called xFilter".  Do you mean 'field called xFilter'?

                    Why are you doing this:  "I then put a text field in the layout xFilter::xfavoritefood."  Should the field you put on the layout not be 'xFilter', and let the relationship it drives show you the resulting xFilter::xfavoritefood data?

                    I think you are trying to enter data in a related field, which can't show you any data because you haven't established any relationship from the record you are browsing (yet).

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                      Perhaps the global field is in the header? In some cases, due to a bug, FileMaker will block access until you make the current record visible on your layout. Sometimes you just have to click the uppermost record visible in the body then click into the global field.

                      For More Information see:    Sometimes global field in header become disabled

                      This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

                      It can also be downloaded as a database file from:   http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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                        Hey guys. I'm sorry for late reply.

                        Sorbsbuster>  No, it's actually a table called xFilter containing fields that I would like to use for these filtering process (ex: advanced search, filter, etc).
                        I wanted to separate the table to be able to organize and keep the database clean. 

                        PhilModJunk> As always, thank you very much for your help! 

                        Well, after all said, I did go in and double checked every field and the storage option, the only one field that I was using did not have the global field turned on....Embarassed  and no wonder it does not allow you to enter.... 
                        Right after I turned on, it started working...  So now I have to just create a script trigger to filter the portal on "onObjectModiry".

                        Guys, thank you very much for your inputs and I am sorry for confusion...