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    Search first chracters of string



      Search first chracters of string


           1) I am looking for a solution to searching the first letter of a string e.g "A Good Day" but not "It Is A Good Day".

           2) Similarly, I'd like to find first letters "A...B" which returns all records with a string starting with "A" and "B" but not text in the string beginning with A or B.

           I assume it is a matter of writing a script that "calculates" the first letter(s) bur ignores the others, however, this is a guess and I wouldn't know how to write it.

           Any help would be much appreciated.

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               Strangely enough, due to the way that FIlemaker Finds on text fields work, this is not something that has a simple solution.

               You may need to define a calculation field such as: Filter ( Lower ( YourField ) ; "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" )

               And perform your search on it.

               To find records that start with A or B, you may need to use either two find requests--specifying A in one and B in the other or to find all records starting with A, then return to find mode, specify B and extend the found set.