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    Search for an equivalent record



      Search for an equivalent record


           I am looking for a script that compares two tables and shows records that the does not match. The unique feld what the search command first distinction is Project_id.

           as VoorCal::project_id matched Werkbon::Project_id than seeking all records that do not match

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               If the two tables are linked in a relationship:

               VoorCal::project_id = Werkbon::Project_id


               If [Not IsEmpty ( Werkbon::Project_id ) ]
                  Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: Werkbon; Using layout: "Werkbon" (Werkbon) ]
                  Show Omitted Only
                  Go To Layout [ "Werkbon" (Werkbon)]
                  Show All Records
               End If

               If executed from a layout based on VoorCal, will pull up all records in Werkbon that do not have a matching project_id.