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    Search for date range and show total $



      Search for date range and show total $



           I created my business database in FM and now its time to do tax.

           I have to supply the accountant just the total of invoices for certain periods.

           Im struggling to work out how to set up a button script.

           The 3 fields of importance are:


           ORDER LG TOTAL

           Order Date

           ORDER GST


           How would i set up a button where i can choose a date range next to it then it shows me the order LG totals, amount of jobs, and order GST


           thanks in advance.


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               The data model for your database can profoundly affect how this works. What format that the accountant wants for this data (many want excel spreadsheets and FileMker can export data in that file format) are also significant.

               But if you just need a single number total, you can enter find mode, enter 2013 in your Order Date field and perform the find to find all order records for the year 2013. If you define summary fields that compute the total of the fields that store the data from which your accountant needs totals, they will then give you totals for the 2013 year.