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    Search for Dates



      Search for Dates


           I need to find ranges of dates including past dates using a script. Is it possible within a perform find script to search for a current date less X number of days, months or years? If I can it would save me a heap of time.


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               Take a look at this post for examples :  Scripted Find Examples

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                 Yes Sir,

                 You can search for a date range by putting three dots in betweet your dates. For instance:


                 You can use the current date by using:

                 Get (CurrentDate)

                 And you can make all kinds of calculations with the current date to be able to get the last month etc.

                 Another handy one is splitting up the date like so:

                 Date ( Day (Get (CurrentDate)) ; Month (Get (CurrentDate)) ; Year (Get (CurrentDate)))

                 And you can do calculations in there like:

                 Date ( Day (Get (CurrentDate)) ; Month (Get (CurrentDate) - 1 ) ; Year (Get (CurrentDate)))