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    Search for empty fields.



      Search for empty fields.



              I have a form with about 20 fields and I dont want the user to leave any field empty, i have already used the conditional formatting to highlight the field to red if its empty, but i want to put a status on the top of the form which will say "COMPLETE" and "INCOMPLETE" depending on the count of the empty fields. How can I use a 21st field to calculate all the empty fields and upon that will display the status. Or any other idea will also work out

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          You could make a really big IF statement:

          If (
          IsEmpty ( FirstField )
          IsEmpty ( SecondfField )
          .... ;

          "You forgot to fill out a field!"


          This would be put as a calculation in a 21st field.

          But I don't know if that's the classiest way to do this.

          The only problem is that now, this will always show, even when someone starts filling out the form.

          Another way to only do the check at the end is to set a script when your button gets clicked after filling out the script.

          Then the IF gets put in a script. If any of the fields is empty you set the 21st field to the value "You forgot to fill out a field."

          And you halt the script.

          Otherwise the script continues.